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  • Lynn Roberts
    shared 2018-01-15 11:18:35 -0800
    Books! Books! Books! I read all the time – cereal boxes,notices on busses and BART, everything. But books are my favorites.and the library is where I go for books. Of course I buy books sometimes ebooks or the paper kind, but the library’s are my favorites. I just love the vibe there.There are people of all kinds and ages working at the computers, reading at the tables, loving what I love. The staff is warm and welcoming and always helpful. When I volunteered to help kids with their homework, it was my joy to be there a couple of days a week. I’m there less often now, but look forward to those days knowing I will spend a bit of time at our Hayward Public Library..
  • Myra Feiger
    shared 2018-01-14 09:36:21 -0800
    Wherever I’ve ever lived the public libraries have always made me feel that I was home. After moving to Hayward twenty years ago and joining Friends of Hayward Library, I became even more connected to my community. Being a Friend of Hayward Library truly made me feel that Hayward is my home.
  • Sean Reinhart
    shared 2018-01-13 20:35:35 -0800
    The Friends of Hayward Library are, in my view, the best Friends organization in the world. As Hayward’s 21st Century Library rises on the corner of C Street and Mission Boulevard before our eyes, I recall the many thousands of hours of effort they put in to make this incredible dream come true — raising the necessary funds, rallying volunteers, meeting with lawmakers, telling the story door-to-door — and they did it as a small but mighty, all-volunteer, grass roots organization based right here in Hayward. The new library would not be happening without the phenomenal work of the Friends of Hayward Library. They are true champions!