Construction Progress, 10/1/2016


The 21st Century Library construction is progressing nicely. Expect to see robust construction activity continue for the next several months. Here are the latest developments:

  • During construction, the safety of pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists and construction workers is our #1 priority. Please use caution and observe all signs when walking, bicycling, or driving in the area.

  • The reinforced concrete foundation and supporting walls are nearly complete. Construction of the steel framing has begun and is expected to be complete in early November. This work includes installing the steel decking support material and working on the concrete deck slabs. That effort will help provide a more weatherproof work area before the rainy season. After the steel framing is complete, the installation of pipes and ducts will commence.

  • The projected opening of the new library is January 2018. There is a good possibility that the project will be completed early depending on weather conditions and other factors.
  • When construction of the new library facility is complete, main library services will close for a period of two to four weeks to allow for staff, materials, and operations to move into the new facility.

  • The deteriorating old main library building will be safely deconstructed and the debris recycled or safely disposed. Just prior to deconstruction, the Hayward Fire Department will conduct first responder training and rescue excersices inside the building for about one week. It’s a great opportunity for our first responders to have live training in a large public building.

  • The deconstruction of the old library will be immediately followed by the complete restoration of Heritage Plaza, including the installation of an underground rainwater storage tank capable of saving up to 400,000 gallons of rainwater annually.

  • All the healthy, mature heritage trees in the Plaza will be preserved. A few trees that are unhealthy and unsafe will be removed. The current project schedule calls for the Heritage Plaza construction to be completed as early as May, 2018.

  • Fun fact: Hayward’s Heritage Plaza is approximately the same size as San Francisco’s Union Square. The Plaza dates back to the formative days of Hayward in the 1840’s, when it was part of the homestead of rancher Don Guillermo Castro. When Don Castro subdivided and sold his land in the 1850’s (which created the street layout of downtown Hayward still in use today), he dedicated Heritage Plaza for use as a public plaza into perpetuity.

All the latest 21st Century Library construction updates and 24/7 webcam video of the construction site are available on the project website, Here is a time-lapse video showing the construction progress to date.

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